Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Coco-Nuts about coconut oil!

Hey there... 

Today I thought I would share with you a product I LOVE!

Used by numerous celebrities, including Miranda Kerr (anything that helps her look that good I will try) and with a million and one properties Coconut oil is a must have product.  

I used to use this product in the past when my mum used to buy it for me but I've recently started using it again after a reaction to a product cause some eczema to flair up on my face, specifically on my eyes.  With it being such a sensitive area I was quite dubious about using anything too harsh to help get rid of it, which is where the coconut oil came in.   

I bought my tub, which is huuge, from Holland and Barrett.  It is £14.99 but I got it for half price, which I find H & B do quite a lot, so keep your eyes open.  It also lasts bloody ages as a little goes a long way.  You can also get it in a lot of health food stores, normally for a lot cheaper.  The best type to buy is the food kind rather than the beauty oil with added ingredients.

Not only do I use it as a face moisturiser, which cleared up my eczema but also as a body moisturiser and it does wonders for my dry hair.

I have read it is also a fantastic food supplement, so I tried eating some but I can't say I enjoyed it too much. The tub I bought says to use it instead of butter on toast but I personally find £14.99 a bit steep for butter so I can't bring myself to do it.

I'm not sure how it would fair for those of you with oily skin but it absorbs into the skin so quickly and doesn't feel oily on the skin.  So I would definitely a go!  It is fantastic for winter and may be the reason I haven't turned into just walking dry skin.

Have any of you tried this?  How do you find it? 


  1. Coconut oil! Love it!!!! Amazing for hair and skin and smells beautiful xx

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  3. I love coconut oil. I've used it for everything; moisturizer, hair softener, food. I'l literally be in the shower, running globs through my hair, leave it in for a while before washing it out, and I'll be eating it before I wash it out of my hair, then when I wash it out and get outta the shower, I moisturize my skin with it:)

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    1. It's so good and has sooo many uses. Which makes it the perfect product. I love it! x