Thursday, 6 December 2012

12 Days of Christmas... Day 2.


Here are my nails for the second Christmas nail art challenge.  Today's theme was 'Holiday Song', which I had quite a few ideas for but not the time to do any of them.  On Wednesday's I rock climb, which means doing my nails prior is just pointless as they get completely ruined, so I had to wait until after.  So it's late and I'm tired and too lazy to do anything complicated. 
I went with 'Let it Snow' by Frank Sinatra.  This song is just Christmas and I love it! 

Hope you like the nails.. Do you have any Christmas Song themed nails to show?


  1. nice mani!!! i ant to give you the liebster award its a fun award to get to know other bloggers!!!

    1. Thank you. Sounds fun, I'll deffo have a look at it :) x

  2. I also nominate you for the Liebster Award!!! :)