Thursday, 6 September 2012

My recent times in pictures... (& an apology)


I feel like a bit of a liar.  A few posts ago I apologised that I'd let my blog fall by the wayside but I was back and would be blogging with gusto again.  But I haven't been.  I do actually have an excuse this time; there is a distinct lack of internet at house at the mo & I haven't quite mastered blogging on my phone.  

I'm managing to blog today because I'm visiting home at the minute.  I would have abused their internet sooner but this is the first time I have visited home all summer & I wanted to spend my time with family and friends.  I'm having a lazy day today so I thought it would be perfect to have a cheeky blog.

Like last time I abandoned my blog I returned with a picture post so I thought I would come back with a collection of pictures of what I have been up to for a while... 

~Me & the bf~  ~flowers from the bf~  ~enjoying a bbq with the bf~ ~BBQing is a man's job: Charlie
~Me & Libby UV paint night~ ~Me & Libby; unimpressed~ ~girls enjoying a night out~ ~mmmm Adam~
~Adam is happy~ ~tea cup cocktails, yummy~ ~enjoying the cocktail~ ~girls night out~
~re-watched the best series~ ~reunited with Toto~ ~cheeky starbucks~ ~PEANUT BUTTER M&M's!~

Hope you have all been having fun and enjoying the last few days of summer.

I'll be back soon. 

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