Friday, 17 August 2012

Delicious Caviar... (Dupe Alert!)


This post is waaay overdue... I've been meaning to do this for months but kept forgetting.  This does mean that I've missed the hype a bit but I like this so much I thought sod it I'll share it anyway.

With this in mind, I'm sure by now you have all heard about Ciate's Caviar Manicure nail polishes.  These lovely sets come in a few different colours, which include a colour nail polish and  bottle of pearl beads, designed to be worn together to create a 3D look.  When these sets first came out I completely fell in love with all of them but the price tag put me off a bit.  I am a complete nail polish fanatic and normally I don't think twice about purchasing a new bottle.  But I just couldn't justify the £18.00 especially as after some research I found that at best it would last only 24 hours.

Ciate Caviar Manicure in Rainbow.

With a little nosy around ebay you can easily find Micro Glass Beads in numerous colours for as little as £2.00 which are the perfect dupes for the pearl beads that come in the Ciate set.  What I like about these beads is that you can change the look just by changing the colour of polish you use underneath.  I've used pink for this post just to get the closest look to the Ciate set.  (Do make sure the beads you get have no holes in them, as this will ruin the look.)

Multi-Coloured Beads.

Barry M Pink Flamingo (305) & Beads.

The polish on its own.
 For a more day to day look I think it looks nice to just have the beads on an accent nail.

For a night out and a jazzier look I like to cover all the nails in the beads. 

Playing about with my beads... 

I absolutely love this look and whilst it doesn't last that long they are fun to play about with.  Plus I think they look great.  

Are you loving the Ciate nails? Have you found any good dupes lately? 

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Stripe it to me...


I thought because I said in my last post  how much I really liked the 17 Candy Collection Nail Polish in Parma Violet I would show you how I've used it.  Always a fan of a cheeky bit of nail art, whatever colour I love I always find a way to jazz it up a little.

I used Andrea Fulerton Stripe and Sparkle in Kathleen (gifted to me by my lovely friend Tamsin) to draw some simple vertical lines on my accent nail then sprinkled some of the glitter that comes with it on top.  Topped it off with some Seche Vite for a nice glossy finish.  A simple but cute design.

What designs do you use to jazz up your nails? 

Summer Loving...


I thought I'd share with you a couple of the things I'm loving this summer (or we have had of it).

 The first couple of products I'm loving at the moment are both Body Sprays.  When it gets hot out I like to have a nice scent to freshen myself up with.  I'm loving the Ted Baker Butterfly Wings Body Spray and the Soap & Glory Mist You Madly Body Spray both have a lovely floral, fruity smell which is perfect for summer.  I like to just pop one in my handbag so I can use it whenever.  Both are also available in perfect mini sizes at Boots.

Another product I'm loving at the mo is Aussie Miracle Colour Insurance Leave In Conditioner.  I always need to use some sort of leave in conditioner as my hair is a tad on the frizzy side.  This one is just lovely it has nice fruity smell and really helps to take the frizz out.  I use this with the deep conditioning treatment as since I've stripped and dyed my hair it is so dry.  I love the Aussie range in general but this is my favourite product of theirs at the moment.

The next product is not technically a summer product.  I'm sure you are all aware of lush's best selling winter product Snow Fairy.  I am completely in love with the scent (a fruity, candy deliciousness) and each year I try to stock up enough of the glittery shower gel to get me through the year (it never does).  But the Snow Fairy lip balm always does.  Of late I've started using it as a cream blush, I apply it with a brush and it gives me the perfect summer pink glow and also leaves my face smelling delicious.  If you have one around from last winter I urge you to give it a go.
Snow Fair Lip Balm in artificial light.
My next summer fave is a pretty standard one.  Pastel nail polishes.  Pastel colours in summer are pretty much a given, I actually love them all year round but I love that so many more shades become available at this time of year. I have loads of pastels but I'm particularly loving the shades up for offer from 17's Candy Collection an the rest of their line.  These two are my favourite at the moment as they are so wearable. 

Finally, I am loving my sunglasses.  Well anything floral really.  I normally go for quite plain sunglasses as they can go with everything but I fell in love with these when I saw them in new look.  I got them a while ago now, spring time I believe.  They were about £5 I think but with my student card I got a cheeky 10% off.  Always a bonus!

Any excuse to get a beach picture in...

Hopefully we'll get a bit more summer sunshine so I can enjoy my summer products a bit more.

What are you enjoying this summer?

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Just Bitten...


I'm sure by now you've read a hundred posts on Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain, a delightful and cheaper dupe for Clinique Chubby Sticks.  With the chubby sticks being £16.00 a pop these Revlon dupes are just as fun at half the price, only £7.99. Plus if you run down to Boots at the minute they have them on offer for £5.99.  Delightful! 

Having trialled the two I bought for a week or so now I can tell you I love them.  I love a lip stain but find quite a lot of them are quite drying for your lips.  These on the other hand are super moisturising.  They feel like a lip balm upon application plus after a bit of time when they kind of dry on your lips you are left with a lovely stain that lasts quite a while.  I don't find the stain is quite as an intense colour as the balm when it is first applied but it is really nice.  The balms also have a lovely pepperminty smell, which I love! 

There are seven shades available and I picked up two of them; Darling and Lovesick. 

 Darling is a lovely light pink almost lilac colour.  I really like this colour for the day time as its quite subtle and the stain it leaves on my lips is so a lovely dusky sort of pink.
Darling in Natural Light.
 Lovesick is a nice colour for the evening, it is a bright fuchsia pink that really stands out.
Lovesick in Natural Light.
 Since I've darkened my hair I feel a bright pink like the Lovesick suits me a lot more.

I think these are a really lovely lip product and will definitely be picking up a couple more, any excuse to get a Boots point... 

Are you liking the Revlon Lip Stains?