Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Glossy Box: July.


Yet again I've let my blog take a bit of a back seat compared to everything else at the moment.  I feel I've just been very busy of late but I am hoping to get back to blogging pronto.
Because I've been busy my Glossy Box post is quite late.  By this point it has been blogged about a million times and I was actually just going to leave it for this month.  But now I've had time to sit down and have a proper look at the contents I feel I like it too much to just leave it.  So here goes:

This months box follows the theme of 'festival' beauty.  There were some great products on offer in this months box and I am really happy with the ones I received.

  1.  Clynol Salon Exclusive Enrich Colour Shampoo:  This shampoo smells great, kind of fruity but not in a sweet sickly way.  I would have tried this out already but I have actually just dyed my hair and I don't like the end result.  So rather than enrich the colour I'm hoping the colour will fade asap so I can change it.
  2. Monu Golden Glow:  I swatched this tanning cream on my hand when the box first arrived.  The colour comes up quite quickly and evenly making this the perfect tan for a night out.  However, I do think the colour may be a bit too dark for my skin tone.
  3. Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Lotion SPF 15: I haven't had the chance to try this product yet.  But I do always like to try a new moisturiser so look forward to using this one with the bonus product this month; Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Line.  This includes samples of cleanser, toner and serum.  So hopefully they will all work nicely together.
  4. Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Lip Frosting: This lip gloss states that it also doubles up as a cheek tint.  Whilst the creamy pink colour would make a lovely cheek colour the texture is a bit too thick and sticky to be comfortable on the face.  Maybe if you apply it lightly with a brush it might be better... Hmmm?  The packaging of this product is quite cute and it smells nice like fruity bubblegum, though it does have a slight smell of cheap make up.  Though I don't know if that is just me... 

  5. HD Brows Eye and Brow Palette: For me this is the stand out product in this box.  I received the Foxy palette, which is perfect for brunettes, which means even with my new unwanted hair colour it still works.  I've actually wanted to buy this product in the past but I'm pretty faithful to my Brow Zings.  This product compared to Brow Zings does also have other purposes, allowing you to create eye looks that compliment your hair colour.  I'm not a massive eyes shadow wearer but I will give this a try.  If I don't feel it I'll just keep it aside until my benefit runs out.  

Another great box from Glossy Box in my eyes.  Plus I love that it comes at the end of the month just before pay day when the money has run out and a little gift to yourself is exactly what is needed.  

Did you enjoy this months Glossy Box?

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Gone but not for long...


I have been a bit MIA from the blog of late due to a number of things.  The main, very time consuming of these things was moving house.  Any Uni students out there will know that at the end of every academic year most of us will have to gather up our crap and move it to a (hopefully mould free) new house.  Those of you that are lucky to find a house to stay in for more than one year, I hate you.  

This year my moving seemed to take a lot longer and a lot more effort than any other year.  Even compared to  my first year when I was completely moving my life to a whole new city.  This year my new house is only 20 odd houses away from my old house and yet nearly 3 weeks later I still have unpacked bags hidden under my bed.  Though I'm not quite sure that the indistinguishable rubbish inside them needs to be unpacked.  I seem to have accumulated a lot of useless stuff in the past year that I now have no where to put.
However, despite the exhausting packing then unpacking everything I own, I love getting my hands on an empty canvas.  Or bedroom.  I may not be an interior decorator but I like to give it a good go and I have really enjoyed buying new bits and pieces for my room and making it a place I ill enjoy spending time for the next year.  I have a few bit and pieces I have done/ got for my room that I'd like to share but I'll get to that at a later date when I have finished.

As well as moving house I have also recently celebrated my 21st Birthday!  For a day that I was away from my family when I wanted to be with them most I surprisingly had a good time.  I had a lovely night out with my friends and my family sent me some beautiful presents.  So thank you to those that made me have a very happy birthday!

A few pictures from my Birthday and one from the move.

Now I'm starting to have a bit of spare time again I will be back blogging, so stay tuned...

What have you been up to lately that has kept you busy?