Thursday, 14 June 2012

Week(ish) in pictures...


Thought I'd share another week(ish) of pictures with you.  These are quite fun to do, as the pictures always seem to make my life look more fun than it actually is!

1, 2, 3 & 4. It was my Sisters 13th Birthday on the 4th of June.  So for the joyous occasion I went 
home to celebrate it with her. The first picture is her with her cake, the 2nd and 3rd are my gift and card for her and the final is us having a bit of a pamper after the day.  <3 her.  5.  Needed a new eyebrow pencil; look no further than Benefit.  I'll review this soon (I love it!)   6.  Love my new cushion £5 from Primark.  7.  Had to buy all three copies of Glamour.  Free Benefit!         8.  Have wanted this colour for ages!  OPI Care to danse? From the New York City Ballet Collection.  9.  Me & my favourite lady.  10. Me & the BF.  11. Collar clips; my favourite fashion accessory at the mo...  12.  Me & Rosy/lionheartxo decided to eat in style.  Slightly pretentious but fun none the less.  13.  My lost charm bracelet; found! So happy!  14.  Organising my nail collection.  15.  Me & Lucy: only slightly tipsy...  16.  I love my nail bows...

Hope you've had a fun week too! 

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