Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lush Haul...


I love Lush.  I love most of their products barring only a few.  So the sad day came when I left for University and moved to a town that has no Lush store (also no Primark; where am I? The middle of the Sahara! No I'm in Canterbury...) anyway, there is no Lush store here and for some reason I don't like ordering their products online.  I think this is because I choose a lot of their products on a whim based on the smell, how they look... Which is an experience you miss out on over a computer screen.  Because of this, if I don't visit home in a while, my stocks become a little sparse.  So when I went home for the weekend last week I bought quite a bit.  Which can be dangerous with Lush as most of their products have a short life.

Anyway... here is my haul: 

 Phoenix Rising is a product that I have never bought before but the assistant helping me talked this up so much I had to buy it.  He said it takes it's name from a Phoenix because it sinks to the bottom of the bath and then rises again due to it being a bath bomb with a bath melt inside.  This looks amazing and smells fantastic.  It has a fruity, spicy, cinnamon-y smell that reminds me of Christmas. I can't wait to use it and hope it lives up my expectations.

Sweetie Pie is possibly my favourite Lush product.  I think the child inside of me takes delight it washing in sparkly jelly.  Sweetie Pie has a fruity berry scent, reminiscent of jelly babies.  I like to freeze mine; makes it that bit more refreshing.

Porridge Soap is another of my favourites.  Packed with oats and molasses it does wonders for your skin.  I cant't fully describe the smell as I've never placed my finger on it.  It has a creamy, oatmeal cookie kind of smell. (I think?) It's lovely - go and buy it and you'll feel smoothy smooth.

Vanilla Puff is another product I've never bought before; mainly because I don't overly enjoy the scent of vanilla.  However, when I was testing out the Soft Coeur Massage Bar the man helping me suggested I try it with this product.  Together they leave you smelling like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.  Amazing! It also takes away the greasiness left behind from the massage bar.  I absolutely love this combo, although I must warn you, after using them you will want to eat yourself.  Don't.

As described above Soft Coeur works amazingly well when used with Vanilla Puff.  On its own this smells like a delicious mixture of honey, chocolate and toffee.  It leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft.  I just wish it were a bit bigger.  It's suggested that you use this with a special someone.  To be honest I'm to selfish to share.

Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment is just lovely.  Smells like marshmallows and quite like Snow Fairy shower gel.  Great to use when your skin is feeling quite dry.  Another reason I like this is if you crumble a bit into a spray bottle and mix with water you have yourself a delicious room spray.

Creamy Candy does exactly what is says on the tin.  Has a lovely sweet, candy floss smell.  Crumbled under water it leaves your bath water a creamy pink colour and loads of candy scented bubbles for you to lounge around in.  Perfect for those days when you want to feel really girly.

After this haul I can't wait until the next time I can get to lush.  It just makes life that bit better.

Happy Lushing! 

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