Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Dip Hem Heaven...

I am really feeling the whole dip hem (waterfall, asymmetric maxi dress... whatever you want to call them) thing.  I find this style is really flattering and sexy without being slutty.
The dress in this post is one I got a month or so ago from Missguided.  If you've never shopped with them I'd advise you do, they have some lovely pieces at very reasonable price and their delivery is quick!

I cut my head out because I look really dopey but the dress looks nice.

This dress is the Ileana Sheer Asymmetric Maxi Dress from Missguided and is £25.99.  I love this one from them, I think it fits really nicely and just looks so pretty.

I wore it with a brown plaited belt I got from Primark for about £1.50 I think and the Black Suede Wedges are from eBay.  The blue crystal heart ring is from Debenhams, I got it in a sale a couple of months ago for £5 and I think the Bangles are form Superdrug but I'm not sure.

I am really loving this style, it's just so easy to wear.  Are there any nice dip hem bits you're wearing at the mo?

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