Sunday, 10 June 2012

Delicious Freebies...


Just thought I would do a short post about some of the delicious freebies available when you buy a couple of your favourite magazines this month.  I love free things in magazines; because first and foremost you're already buying the magazine to read: getting something extra just makes me happy.

The first magazine is Glamour:

 Each year Glamour teams up with Benefit to give away some glorious freebies.  Last year they did it with Benetint, Posietint and Moon Beam.  I stupidly only bought one copy. I was smarter than that this year.  At £2 a magazine I happily bought the magazine three times to get all three samples.
This year they are Porefessional, That Gal and BADgal Lash.  As a lover of Benefit products getting such great sized samples of their products at such a cheap price is too good an offer to pass up.  As I already  wanted to buy that gal primer I was pleased to get a free sample and it hasn't failed to impress.  But it is the Porefessional that has really impressed me.  It is like rubbing velvet into your skin and I feel it makes me look so flawless.  I will be buying this once my sample has run out!  The mascara is good; but the brush is a bit too big for my liking for my tiny eyes.

The next is Marie Claire:

They are offering three full size bottles of Ciate nail polish.  The one I chose is a lovely lilac colour which you can see in the picture called 'Purple Sherbet'.  The other two are a pale pink and a berry kind of colour if I remember correctly (useless memory).  I love this colour and would have bought something similar myself but I got it for the delicious price of £3.70.  WHSmith is doing Marie Claire magazine 2 for £6 if you want to pick up more than one colour. 

Now go run buy and enjoy! 

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