Monday, 25 June 2012

(Birthday) Wish List #3

On Sunday the 1st of July it will be my 21st Birthday!  

I love birthdays, I think it's the cake that does it for me, any excuse to eat loads of delicious chocolate cake is a  blessing.  Unfortunately, my birthday happens to also fall on the day I'm due to move house.  So as much as I want to just eat cake and celebrate I'm going to have to actually act like the adult I am and spend the day cleaning, organising and moving my life from one place to the next.

Regardless of this I'm still excited for the day, especially the presents! So I thought I would compile a birthday wish list to share with you some of the bits I'm hoping to receive (if not, just buy myself)...

  1. Topshop Fringe Bandeau Dress: £45.00.  I've had my eye on this dress and a few similar for a while.  I think it would make a really nice birthday night out dress.  I think the fitted dress will be quite flattering and show of your figure but the fringing will hide the bits you might be self conscious about, which is always nice.  However, there is another dress I like in Republic (I would have put it on here but I couldn't find it on the website) and I can't decide between the two. I will not buy both. I will not buy both...
  2. American Apparel The Disco Pant in Black: £70.00.  Okay, I know I've wish-listed these before.  But I still don't have them and I still want them.  Someone for the love of God gift them to me.  (I'll probably just do it myself on the day, I'll be 21, I deserve them.)
  3. OPI Pirouette My Whistle: £11.00.  I am loving the NYC Ballet collection by OPI and the swatches I've seen of this colour are lovely.  It will be the perfect thing to add a bit of sparkle to my day!
  4. Gordon's Special Dry London Gin: £17.00.  Gin being my (alcoholic) drink of choice means I'd like nothing more than to celebrate my getting old by being slightly tipsy off the stuff.  My mum usually gets me a bottle on my birthdays (not my younger ones, I wasn't having jelly, ice cream and gin, only since I've been legal to drink) but not being home for the day and it being a bit delicate to send in the post means I might actually have to get this years myself. Ho hum.
  5. Pandora Silver Heart Ring: £35.00.  I fell in love with this ring the moment I saw it in the shop.  Plus it being a stacker ring, means you can build it up with others. The design is just so cute, right up my street.
  6. Body Shop Lily Cole Lip and Cheek Dome: £10.00.  These are part of the new Lily Cole make up collection at The Body Shop.  Out of the collection these were by far my favourite product, I'm just a sucker for a blusher.  Both colours are really nice but my favourite is the pinker of the two; Pinch Me Pink.  I would have bought these already but when I spied them with my little eye I was low on funds and couldn't justify buying another blusher when I already have so many.  But birthdays are meant to be special aren't they?
Regardless of what I actually get for my birthday I know I'll have a good time ( I am having a night out a couple of days after the day) plus moving house might distract me from how old I'm getting...

Happy Birthday to anyone else who has a birthday coming up and happy regular day to those who don't.

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