Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Dip Hem Heaven...

I am really feeling the whole dip hem (waterfall, asymmetric maxi dress... whatever you want to call them) thing.  I find this style is really flattering and sexy without being slutty.
The dress in this post is one I got a month or so ago from Missguided.  If you've never shopped with them I'd advise you do, they have some lovely pieces at very reasonable price and their delivery is quick!

I cut my head out because I look really dopey but the dress looks nice.

This dress is the Ileana Sheer Asymmetric Maxi Dress from Missguided and is £25.99.  I love this one from them, I think it fits really nicely and just looks so pretty.

I wore it with a brown plaited belt I got from Primark for about £1.50 I think and the Black Suede Wedges are from eBay.  The blue crystal heart ring is from Debenhams, I got it in a sale a couple of months ago for £5 and I think the Bangles are form Superdrug but I'm not sure.

I am really loving this style, it's just so easy to wear.  Are there any nice dip hem bits you're wearing at the mo?

Monday, 25 June 2012

(Birthday) Wish List #3

On Sunday the 1st of July it will be my 21st Birthday!  

I love birthdays, I think it's the cake that does it for me, any excuse to eat loads of delicious chocolate cake is a  blessing.  Unfortunately, my birthday happens to also fall on the day I'm due to move house.  So as much as I want to just eat cake and celebrate I'm going to have to actually act like the adult I am and spend the day cleaning, organising and moving my life from one place to the next.

Regardless of this I'm still excited for the day, especially the presents! So I thought I would compile a birthday wish list to share with you some of the bits I'm hoping to receive (if not, just buy myself)...

  1. Topshop Fringe Bandeau Dress: £45.00.  I've had my eye on this dress and a few similar for a while.  I think it would make a really nice birthday night out dress.  I think the fitted dress will be quite flattering and show of your figure but the fringing will hide the bits you might be self conscious about, which is always nice.  However, there is another dress I like in Republic (I would have put it on here but I couldn't find it on the website) and I can't decide between the two. I will not buy both. I will not buy both...
  2. American Apparel The Disco Pant in Black: £70.00.  Okay, I know I've wish-listed these before.  But I still don't have them and I still want them.  Someone for the love of God gift them to me.  (I'll probably just do it myself on the day, I'll be 21, I deserve them.)
  3. OPI Pirouette My Whistle: £11.00.  I am loving the NYC Ballet collection by OPI and the swatches I've seen of this colour are lovely.  It will be the perfect thing to add a bit of sparkle to my day!
  4. Gordon's Special Dry London Gin: £17.00.  Gin being my (alcoholic) drink of choice means I'd like nothing more than to celebrate my getting old by being slightly tipsy off the stuff.  My mum usually gets me a bottle on my birthdays (not my younger ones, I wasn't having jelly, ice cream and gin, only since I've been legal to drink) but not being home for the day and it being a bit delicate to send in the post means I might actually have to get this years myself. Ho hum.
  5. Pandora Silver Heart Ring: £35.00.  I fell in love with this ring the moment I saw it in the shop.  Plus it being a stacker ring, means you can build it up with others. The design is just so cute, right up my street.
  6. Body Shop Lily Cole Lip and Cheek Dome: £10.00.  These are part of the new Lily Cole make up collection at The Body Shop.  Out of the collection these were by far my favourite product, I'm just a sucker for a blusher.  Both colours are really nice but my favourite is the pinker of the two; Pinch Me Pink.  I would have bought these already but when I spied them with my little eye I was low on funds and couldn't justify buying another blusher when I already have so many.  But birthdays are meant to be special aren't they?
Regardless of what I actually get for my birthday I know I'll have a good time ( I am having a night out a couple of days after the day) plus moving house might distract me from how old I'm getting...

Happy Birthday to anyone else who has a birthday coming up and happy regular day to those who don't.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

150 Points To...


Being the geeky Harry Potter Fan that I am the idea of incorporating one of my favourite books into jewellery makes me very happy.  Having seen pictures of snitch necklaces on the internet I really wanted to get my hands on one.  I had a couple I liked saved on my browser and was deciding which to buy when I thought I would look on ebay.  I found this lovely silver one which when opened up is a pocket watch... so cute!  I won it with a bid of 80p! Lovely and a complete bargain.  I would still like to get a bronze colour one but the seller I got mine from has a few like that too: juliestore2011.

Hope you like it.

Mischief Managed....

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Glossy Box: June


I was quite surprised when I was awoken yesterday morning by the delivery of this months Glossy Box.  It doesn't feel like that much time has passed since I received their May box, which made it a lovely morning surprise for a lovely day to follow.

Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation.

Summer Warmth Bronzer.

Yves Rocher Mascara.

Agent Provocateur Eau Provocateur.
This months box follows the theme of 'sexy summer style' with products "covering your every summer beauty need".


  • Glossy Box Serie Exclusiv Pro Beauty Brush:  This cute brush has the Glossy Box logo on it and is made with natural hairs.  I expected it to be a lot softer because of this but it is quite scratchy and feels quite cheap.  Which is a disappointment, considering it retails at £15 I would have expected it to be better.  I'll probably pop it in my bag and just use it on the go if I need to.
  • Yves Rocher France Mini Mascara ultra-volume Sexy Plump:  Having tried this mascara yesterday I can safely say this is one of the best products in the box.  It really made my eyelashes look thicker and I loved the brush.  This will be great to pop in any holiday make-up bag!
  • BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer:  This is a lovely bronzer; it has a really silky texture and a golden colour.  My only worry would be that it is too dark for my skin tone.  When using this I'll probably have to use it sparingly and more on my shoulders and chest to give them a glow than on my face.  I would be tempted to buy it in a lighter colour or try their blushers instead.
  • Agent Provovateur Eue Provoateur:  I love little perfume samples and was quite pleased to see with this box I got three different perfumes to try.  Unfortunately I don't really like any of then but it is nice to try.  (I would try to describe how they smell for you but I'm so useless at it there's no point.)  My house mate has taken one of them and I'll do something with the other two I'm sure.  Easy come easy go I suppose.
  • Vichy Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick:  This is another saviour of the box for me.  It has fantastic coverage and the little samples will work great as a concealer.  Being quite pale three of them will be pretty much useless but I'll find a tan friend to give them to or use them when I fake tan... The only downside to this product is I found it really highlighted any dray patches I had on my skin.  
I thought this was another good Box with the good products making up for the ones that were not so good.  Other boxes that I have seen have some really nice products that I probably would have preferred, but you can't win them all.

Hope you enjoyed this months box! 

Friday, 15 June 2012

Take a bow...


Thought I'd share with you the nail art I'm rocking at the mo...

Natural lighting.

Artificial lighting.

The colour used is OPI's Care to danse? It's quite a sheer colour so I've used three coats to get the colour to look like this on top of OPI Nail Envy as base coat.  The Bows are from ebay and I've stuck them on using super glue (bad for my nails I know but I couldn't resist) and finished off with a coat of Seche Vite.

I really love these bows, they're so cute and not that annoying on my nails.  I've had them on for about 24 hours now.  I added a bit of extra top coat to seal them again but they are holding strong.

Hope you like them.  

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Week(ish) in pictures...


Thought I'd share another week(ish) of pictures with you.  These are quite fun to do, as the pictures always seem to make my life look more fun than it actually is!

1, 2, 3 & 4. It was my Sisters 13th Birthday on the 4th of June.  So for the joyous occasion I went 
home to celebrate it with her. The first picture is her with her cake, the 2nd and 3rd are my gift and card for her and the final is us having a bit of a pamper after the day.  <3 her.  5.  Needed a new eyebrow pencil; look no further than Benefit.  I'll review this soon (I love it!)   6.  Love my new cushion £5 from Primark.  7.  Had to buy all three copies of Glamour.  Free Benefit!         8.  Have wanted this colour for ages!  OPI Care to danse? From the New York City Ballet Collection.  9.  Me & my favourite lady.  10. Me & the BF.  11. Collar clips; my favourite fashion accessory at the mo...  12.  Me & Rosy/lionheartxo decided to eat in style.  Slightly pretentious but fun none the less.  13.  My lost charm bracelet; found! So happy!  14.  Organising my nail collection.  15.  Me & Lucy: only slightly tipsy...  16.  I love my nail bows...

Hope you've had a fun week too! 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lush Haul...


I love Lush.  I love most of their products barring only a few.  So the sad day came when I left for University and moved to a town that has no Lush store (also no Primark; where am I? The middle of the Sahara! No I'm in Canterbury...) anyway, there is no Lush store here and for some reason I don't like ordering their products online.  I think this is because I choose a lot of their products on a whim based on the smell, how they look... Which is an experience you miss out on over a computer screen.  Because of this, if I don't visit home in a while, my stocks become a little sparse.  So when I went home for the weekend last week I bought quite a bit.  Which can be dangerous with Lush as most of their products have a short life.

Anyway... here is my haul: 

 Phoenix Rising is a product that I have never bought before but the assistant helping me talked this up so much I had to buy it.  He said it takes it's name from a Phoenix because it sinks to the bottom of the bath and then rises again due to it being a bath bomb with a bath melt inside.  This looks amazing and smells fantastic.  It has a fruity, spicy, cinnamon-y smell that reminds me of Christmas. I can't wait to use it and hope it lives up my expectations.

Sweetie Pie is possibly my favourite Lush product.  I think the child inside of me takes delight it washing in sparkly jelly.  Sweetie Pie has a fruity berry scent, reminiscent of jelly babies.  I like to freeze mine; makes it that bit more refreshing.

Porridge Soap is another of my favourites.  Packed with oats and molasses it does wonders for your skin.  I cant't fully describe the smell as I've never placed my finger on it.  It has a creamy, oatmeal cookie kind of smell. (I think?) It's lovely - go and buy it and you'll feel smoothy smooth.

Vanilla Puff is another product I've never bought before; mainly because I don't overly enjoy the scent of vanilla.  However, when I was testing out the Soft Coeur Massage Bar the man helping me suggested I try it with this product.  Together they leave you smelling like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.  Amazing! It also takes away the greasiness left behind from the massage bar.  I absolutely love this combo, although I must warn you, after using them you will want to eat yourself.  Don't.

As described above Soft Coeur works amazingly well when used with Vanilla Puff.  On its own this smells like a delicious mixture of honey, chocolate and toffee.  It leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft.  I just wish it were a bit bigger.  It's suggested that you use this with a special someone.  To be honest I'm to selfish to share.

Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment is just lovely.  Smells like marshmallows and quite like Snow Fairy shower gel.  Great to use when your skin is feeling quite dry.  Another reason I like this is if you crumble a bit into a spray bottle and mix with water you have yourself a delicious room spray.

Creamy Candy does exactly what is says on the tin.  Has a lovely sweet, candy floss smell.  Crumbled under water it leaves your bath water a creamy pink colour and loads of candy scented bubbles for you to lounge around in.  Perfect for those days when you want to feel really girly.

After this haul I can't wait until the next time I can get to lush.  It just makes life that bit better.

Happy Lushing! 

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Delicious Freebies...


Just thought I would do a short post about some of the delicious freebies available when you buy a couple of your favourite magazines this month.  I love free things in magazines; because first and foremost you're already buying the magazine to read: getting something extra just makes me happy.

The first magazine is Glamour:

 Each year Glamour teams up with Benefit to give away some glorious freebies.  Last year they did it with Benetint, Posietint and Moon Beam.  I stupidly only bought one copy. I was smarter than that this year.  At £2 a magazine I happily bought the magazine three times to get all three samples.
This year they are Porefessional, That Gal and BADgal Lash.  As a lover of Benefit products getting such great sized samples of their products at such a cheap price is too good an offer to pass up.  As I already  wanted to buy that gal primer I was pleased to get a free sample and it hasn't failed to impress.  But it is the Porefessional that has really impressed me.  It is like rubbing velvet into your skin and I feel it makes me look so flawless.  I will be buying this once my sample has run out!  The mascara is good; but the brush is a bit too big for my liking for my tiny eyes.

The next is Marie Claire:

They are offering three full size bottles of Ciate nail polish.  The one I chose is a lovely lilac colour which you can see in the picture called 'Purple Sherbet'.  The other two are a pale pink and a berry kind of colour if I remember correctly (useless memory).  I love this colour and would have bought something similar myself but I got it for the delicious price of £3.70.  WHSmith is doing Marie Claire magazine 2 for £6 if you want to pick up more than one colour. 

Now go run buy and enjoy! 

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Spot on...


Thought I'd share with you another of my favourite nail art designs.

This is so easy to do:
Start with base coat then choose any base colour of your choice.  I've used Barry M's Blueberry Ice Cream.  Once dry grab a dotting tool/hair grip/orange stick and choose another colour, I've gone for a No 7 White then dot away! It's that simple.  Do it on as many nails as you please with the dots as big or as small as you fancy.  Once done and dry use a top coat (I've used the Rimmel Matte Finish) and away you go.

I like it because it looks good and it so easy.

Happy Dotting! 

Friday, 1 June 2012

Wish List #2

This Wish List is dedicated purely to New Look.  At the minute they have some really lovely bits and I want loads of it.  But I have managed to narrow it down to my 5 favourites:

  1.  Influence Cream Bird Print Cami £14.99: I love the bird pattern on this; so summery.  It will look lovely either dressed up with a skirt and heels or down with shorts and sandles.
  2. Kelly Brook Pink Patent Bow Detail Wedge £24.99: I love wedges.  They're so comfortable to wear.  But all the wedges I have are not 'day time appropriate'.  I want to rectify this with these.
  3. Blue Floral Bangle Set £6.99: I love bangles. I love these. Simple.
  4. Navy Voile Maxi Skirt £14.99: This is my favourite of them all.  Navy is the colour I wear the most and it can easily transcend from Winter to Summer.  This will be the first of my wish list that I buy.
  5. Navy Polka Dot Bralet £12.99: Bralets are so cute teamed with a high waisted skirt.  Being navy with a bit of a nautical theme of course I want this.

  NewLook is great at the moment and to make it even better if you're a student you get 10% discount. Yay!

Hope you like what you have seen.  Are there any nice bits you've seen?