Sunday, 20 May 2012

Wish List #1

Here is just an insight of a few things I want of late:

  1. Topshop Bush in Neon Rose: £6.00. There has been a lot of hype on Blogosphere about the Topshop cream blushers.  I think they look really good and this one is my favourite colour of all of them.  But with my recent MUA haul and my already substantial collection of blushers I'm not sure how much I actually need it.
  2. H&M Denim Shorts: £14.99.  I find I buy a new pair of denim shorts every summer.  This will be no exception.  These are so simple and with luck I won't bore of them by next summer as I usually do. I was going to pick them up in store a couple of weeks ago but decided I'd be good. Regretting it now.
  3. H&M Blouse: £7.99.  I'm really enjoying just plain white shirts and blouses at the minute and this one is so simple and has a lovely shape.  They are so multi-functional (great to dress up or down) and this one is a great price.  I would have ordered it already but it's not available in my size.  Next time I'm free I'll pop in to store and see if I can get it there.
  4. Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter; Strawberry Shortcake: £7.99.  I love the look of these lip butters and there are quite a few colours I'd like to pick up.  This colour I think would suit an every day look in summer.  They are currently on offer in Boots for £5.99.  I think I may have enough on either my Superdrug or Boots card to get it with that. Here's hoping!
  5. American Apparel The Disco Pant in Black: £70.00.  I want these so much! I find myself on the website just salivating over the pictures.  The price is a bit steep so these will be a treat to myself.  Maybe for my birthday (I will be 21 after all).  I have looked on eBay but the prices are not much lower and I would like to have the safety of having the option to return or switch sizes; which a lot of the sellers do not offer.  Someone buy them for me please. Please?
Are any of these on your Wish Lists?

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