Thursday, 31 May 2012

Week(ish) in Pictures...

Here's a few pictures from mainly the last week but a few from a bit before.

1&2. Me and the bf and some friends at an Lmfao themed birthday party.
3. Jubilee party outfit.
4. Messing around with my nails. (Blog post to come...)
5. The best jelly ever.  I suggest you get to your nearest M&S now!
6. Yummy cupcakes. (I didn't make them)
7&8. Night out with the boys; Elliott and James.  Few cocktails & a cheeky strawberry shisha.
9&10. Loving the sunny weather at the beach.
11. Rock Climbing! Not me on the wall but I do go every week.  Give it a go; it's so fun!
12. Alice killing me at pool.
13. Whyyyy?! are there so many pink lipsticks to choose from?
14, 15 & 16.  Girls nights out. Rosy/lionheartxo looking delicious.

What have you been up to lately?

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