Thursday, 24 May 2012

Glossy Box: May

Happy Birthday Glossy Box!

Today I got my first Glossy Box, which also coincided with their 1 year anniversary.  Because of this and what I have seen of past boxes I had high expectations.

Inside were the usual five products but also a mirror and a birthday balloon which was a nice touch.  The box was the usual Glossy Box but did have a nice decorated tissue paper.  Which is so cute I might save it; not sure what for though.


  • Noble Isle Bath and Shower Gel:  This has quite a perfumed smell; not something I would usually choose in a shower gel, but I quite like it.  I am yet to try it out so not sure how it lathers or feels.
  • Lolita Lempicka L'eau en Blanc & Eae de Parfum:  Yet again these are two perfumes I wouldn't necessarily choose as they are quite floral.  They are nice none the less and I will enjoy using them but can't see myself buying them after.
  • Collection 2000 Lasting Gel Eyeliner:  This is the product I'm most disappointed in, but only because of it's colour.  Brown.  I have and can see no need for me to have brown eyeliner.  But I will probably use the brush with my own gel eyeliner.
  • Eldora False Eyelashes: These are very simple fake eyelashes not particularly special or jazzy.  I am going out tonight though so will probably give them a go.
  • Neals Yard Remedies Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture:  This is my favourite of all the products as I have had it before.  I used to buy this and always really liked it but haven't had it in a while so I'm pretty pleased to get it again.
I am a little disappointed with this box.  I think I expected something a bit jazzier because it was their birthday box.  However, some of the products are nice and the others I look forward to try (except for that eyeliner).  Plus the balloon and mirror are a nice touch.

Happy Birthday Glossy Box!

Hope you enjoy your Glossy Boxes! 

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